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GBTP export data

The GBTP has developed a free and public integrated dataset of all the bond's information included in the platform presented in five export-files (.csv).  Users can download the files below containing: (1) bond's general information, (2) allocation of proceeds to project categories using international standards (GBP, CBI) and (3) measurements of impact and outcome KPIs,(4) individual bond-tranche information (5) detailed information of the projects receiving disbursements.

    1. Bonds 
    2. Allocations
    3. Key Performance Indicators
    4. Tranches
    5. Projects

Index of GBTP data

GBTP export data index (English, Español, Português)

This document provides a comprehensive understanding of the data exported. It contains a brief description and visual reference in the GBTP site to each field included in the four export data cvs files


Call for Proposals Green Bonds in Emerging Market Economies – Deadline August 12, 2022.

A novel database for green bonds to support investment analysis and decision making, research, and regulatory decisions: The Green Bond Transparency Platform


Capacity building materials


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Video Tutorials

Video 1 | How to sign up to the GBTP

Video 2 | How to sign in to the GBTP

Video 3 | How to request access as issuer to publish bonds in the platform

Video 4 |  How to request access as external reviewer to verify bonds on the platform

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Video 6 | How to create a multi-tranche bond in the platform

Video 7 | How to create a fund-structure or Bond Program in the platform 

Video 8 | How to upload the Projects information for the related bonds in the platform

Video 9 | How to upload the Allocation information related to bonds uploaded to the platform

Video 10 | How to upload the KPI information related to the bonds uploaded in the platform

Video 11 | How to upload a framework for the bonds uploaded to the platform

Video 12 | How to request verification for a bond uploaded to the platform